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September 24 Workshops

NJ-ACT announces two workshops in one day: September 24, 2017.

Morning workshop presented by Lynn Mollick, Ph.D.
“Mindfulness and Acceptance Techniques for Anxiety Disorders”

Afternoon workshop presented by Milton Spett, Ph.D. & Lynn Mollick, Ph.D.
“Acceptance Techniques vs. Cognitive Techniques for Panic, Social Anxiety, PTSD, and OCD”

Learn more about the event, Drs. Mollick and Spett, and registration here

Mark your calendars:
December 10, 2017
Empirically Supported Therapy for Assessing and Preventing Suicide
David Jobes, Ph.D.

March 18, 2018
CBT for Doubt and Intolerance of Uncertainty in OCD
Jonathan Grayson, Ph.D.