Member Benefits

Membership includes all activities listed below except that members holding permits to practice psychology may not be listed in our Member Directories.

Half-Day Brunch Workshops

These are Sunday morning meetings of about 40-80 members where senior cognitive-behavioral therapists speak on topics in which they have specialized knowledge and expertise. These events begin with a full, hot brunch, and some time is set aside for getting to know like-minded colleagues from around the State. Recent topics have included Obsessions & Compulsions, Couple Therapy, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Panic, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Social Phobia.

Annual Master Lectures

These are full-day presentations by nationally-known cognitive-behavior therapists.  Master Lecturers have included David Barlow (New, Intensified Treatment of Anxiety Disorders), Zindel Segal (Mindfulness-Based CT), Edna Foa (PTSD), Jeffrey Young (Schema Therapy), Arnold Lazarus (Imagery), and Tom Borkovec (GAD).

Member Directory

Organized alphabetically and by county and town, our PDF and online Member Directories list up to two office locations for each licensed member.

CBT Wednesday Updates & Member Discussions

On most Wednesdays, members receive brief email summaries of the latest CBT techniques, theory and research. Member comments and discussions are also distributed.

Workshop Summaries

Members receive 1-3 page email summaries of all workshops and master lectures.

Continuing Education in Empirically-Supported Psychotherapy