Member Directory

This directory is not a list of individuals who are qualified to perform cognitive-behavior therapy. It is a list of professionals who have joined NJ-ACT to obtain continuing education in cognitive-behavior therapy. Some of the individuals on this list are not cognitive-behavioral therapists. Interested parties should check the credentials of our members with the appropriate licensing board, and verify experience and training with the members themselves. NJ-ACT is not liable for any damages resulting from any misrepresentation or treatment from its members.

Use the search function below to enter a specific city, county or therapist’s name. Otherwise, you may sort the list by any of its categories by clicking on the header row.

CountyCityName & DegreeAddressPhoneLicense*
AtlanticNorthfieldJessica Apel, M.S.W.1637 New Rd.609-442-8826561470 (SW)
AtlanticLinwoodKevin Dougherty, Ph.D.1910 Wabash Avenue609-926-96683272 (P)
AtlanticLinwoodRonald Newman, Ph.D.609-567-902203257 (P)
BergenCresskillMark Cetta, Ph.D.145 County Rd.201-784-08241271 (P)
BergenEnglewoodKatharine L. Loeb, Ph.D.75 Grand Ave.551-258-40405499 (P)
BergenFairlawnShoshana Sperling, Psy.D.33-01 Fair Lawn Ave.917-446-35594295 (P)
BergenHackensackCarol A. Friedman, Ph.D.AHCH/HUMC - 30 Prospect Ave.551-996-52703613 (P)
BergenHasbrouck HeightsGerard Vaccarella, Ph.D.248 Boulevard201-288-46112342 (P)
BergenHaworthRichard Formica, Ph.D.73 Morris Avenue201-384-74579820 (P)
BergenHo Ho KusThomas E. Kavanagh, Psy.D.50 North Franklin Tpke., Ste. 204201-270-74492045 (P)
BergenParamusElizabeth Watson, Ph.D.BHANJ-40 E. Midland Ave., Ste 101201-262-9400 x34880 (P)
BergenParamusJennifer Bahadurian, Ph.D.40 E. Midland Avenue201-262-94004765 (P)
BergenParamusKatherine Moss, M.S.W.40 E. Midland Avenue, #101201-262-9400 x354491 (SW)
BergenRidgewoodAndrea Rudolph, M.S.W.973-956-988945506 (SW)
BergenRidgewoodJeffrey D. Himeles, M.S.W.88 West Ridgewood Ave.201-444-62264564 (SW)
BergenRidgewoodJohn Corbisiero, Ph.D.179 South Maple Avenue201-445-06622586 (P)
BergenRidgewoodKenneth Langlieb, Ph.D.60 W. Ridgewood Rd.973-208-00853073 (P)
BergenRochelle ParkCynthia Radnitz, Ph.D.340 W. Passaic St.201-692-23063565 (P)
BergenTeaneckArthur Freiman, Psy.D.1100 Lambert Rd.201-836-75042245 (P)
BergenTeaneckMichael Friedman, Ph.D.175 Cedar Lane, Suite 7201-220-533609860 (SW)
BergenTeaneckKenneth Schulman, Ph.D.101 Cedar Lane201-692-10361242 (P)
BergenWoodcliff LakeNorma Walsky, M.S.W.22 Angela Court201-967-127210596 (SW)
BergenWyckoffTina Sherry, Psy.D.201-669-13694344 (P)
BurlingtonBordentownMichael Nalbone, M.S.W.410 Farmsworth Ave.609-649-916152422 (SW)
BurlingtonMarltonSteven Reed, Ph.D.2001-A Lincoln Drive W.609-473-06064142 (P)
CamdenCherry HillMarla Deibler1910 Route 70 East, Stes 5 & 7856-220-96724380 (P)
CamdenCherry HillJanice Hainsworth, Ph.D.1930 Route 70 East, Suite 116856-424-81113741 (P)
CamdenStratfordDavid Raush, Ph.D.215 East Laurel Road, Suite 201856-482-58603676 (P)
CamdenStratfordJay Schmulowitz, Ph.D.215 East Laurel Road, Suite 201856-783-23221234 (P)
Cape MayCape May CourthouseEileen M. Senior, Psy.D.211 S. Main St., Suite 301609-536-21464698 (P)
Cape MayOcean ViewVincent R. Stranges, Ph,D.1217 Shore Rd., Ste. 202609-390-43833296 (P)
EssexCedar GroveCarole A. Salvador, Psy.D.882-A1 Pompton Avenue973-239-08521923 (P)
EssexLivingstonAlfredo J. Lowe, Ph.D.127 East Mount Pleasant Avenue973-885-18914237 (P)
EssexLivingstonArline Fusco, Psy.D.2 West Northfield Road - Suite 205973-309-37924690 (P)
EssexLivingstonDanna Markson, M.S.W.2 West Northfield Road973-220-18854500 (SW)
EssexLivingstonDebra Gill, Ph.D.124 East Mount Pleasant Avenue973-820-51744341 (P)
EssexLivingstonElaine Weinman, Ph.D.22 Old Short Hills Rd., Ste. 216973-994-31464537 (P)
EssexLivingstonGary L. Goldberg, Ph.D.St. Barnabas ACC, 200 So. Orange Ave.973-992-28883018 (P)
EssexLivingstonSidney Tokayer, Ph.D.22 Old Short Hills Road973-731-90721759 (P)
EssexMaplewoodKristen Ackley Zeleny M.S.W.108 Baker St., Ste. 302862-324-217755284(SW)
EssexMaplewoodJennifer Stemmermann169 Maplewood Ave. #4908-605-063353522(SW)
EssexMaplewoodPierre Albert, Ph.D.2115 Millburn Ave., Suite L-1D973-368-73604420 (P)
EssexMillburnJennifer G. Abbey, Ph.D.90 Millburn Avenue, Suite 202973-378-5525 x65009 (P)
EssexMillburnBrian Kaufman, Psy.D.90 Millburn Avenue, Suite 202973-378-5525 x45141 (P)
EssexMillburnKaren Landsman, Ph.D.68 Essex Street, Suite 1A973-895-24424067 (P)
EssexMillburnLaura Alper, M.S.W.14 Rawley Place973-376-71735854(SW)
EssexMillburnLori Rockmore, Psy.D.90 Millburn Ave., Suite 202908-723-23754100 (P)
EssexMillburnRandy A. Bressler, Psy.D.68 Essex Street, Suite 1A973-346-41384401 (P)
EssexMontclairBehnaz Pakizegi, Ph.D.51 Upper Montclair Plaza, #15973-454-36763761 (P)
EssexMontclairDavid Szmak, Psy.D.460 Bloomfield Ave., Ste. 211973-744-03732375 (P)
EssexMontclairGerald Levine, Ph.D.88 Park Street201-854-81615206-1 (P)
EssexMontclairGwen Wolverton, Psy.D.1 Upper Montclair Avenue973-746-1414 x21397 (P)
EssexMontclairJacqueline Mesnik, Ph.D.218 Lorraine Avenue917-710-07524874 (P)
EssexMontclairJeffrey S. Kahn, Ph.D.94 Valley Road973-857-88572656 (P)
EssexMontclairKathy Lutz, M.S.W.460 Bloomfield Ave., Suite 211201-836-03033573 (SW)
EssexMontclairNancy L. Herron, M.S.Mountainside Hosp., One Bay Ave.973-429-6000 x577545425 (SW)
EssexMontclairRosemarie Kopacsi, Ph.D.460 Bloomfield Ave., Suite 209973-509-05742029(SW)
EssexMontclairWilliam M. Gordon, Ph.D.224 Lorraine Avenue973-744-87911228 (P)
EssexMontclairBarbara Reese, M.S.W.33 Plymouth St., Ste. 105973-783-22924524 (SW)
EssexSouth OrangeBrian Farran, Ph.D.8 Speir Drive973-327-43934425 (P)
EssexSouth OrangeCarol Dorfman, Ph.D.973-722-09723949 (P)
EssexSouth OrangeRomy Nesin, Ph.D.361 Irving Avenue917-418-38704885 (P)
EssexSouth OrangeCraig Podell, M.S.W.321 No. Wyoming Ave. #4D973-978-57201530 (SW)
EssexUpper MontclairJoyce Mermini, M.S.W.Mermini Counselling, LLC  581 Valley Road973-634-275254064 (SW)
EssexWest OrangeKaren Jacob743 Northfield Ave.973-576-44115520 (SW)
EssexWest OrangeCarrie Spindel, Psy.D.743 Northfield Ave., Ste. 4212-263-47814746 (P)
EssexWest OrangeKathy Lutz, M.S.W.Rocking Horse Rehab - 12-22 Woodland Ave973-731-8588 x83573 (SW)
EssexWest OrangeMelissa Woronoff588 Eagle Rock Ave., Ste. 1646-468-49395327 (P)
HudsonWeehawkenMarjorie Woodruff, Ph.D.23 Clifton Terrace201-638-26844270 (P)
HudsonHobokenPeter Economou, Ph.D.408 Hudson St.201-292-40705087 (P)
HunterdonLebanonJames Owen, Psy.D.908-233-22421895 (P)
HunterdonFlemingtonPatricia Connors, Ph.D.115 Main Street609-977-54124124 (P)
MercerEast WindsorMillicent Kellner, Ph.D.609-443-522129660 (SW)
MercerLawrencevilleMichael L. Nover, Ph.D.133 Franklin Corner Rd, 2nd fl.609-883-50042751 (P)
MercerPenningtonDawn Raffa, Ph.D.2 Tree Farm Rd., Ste. A-220609-613-01104889 (P)
MercerPrincetonAnnaMarie Resnikoff, Ph.D.256 Wall Street609-279-01003182 (P)
MercerPrincetonEileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.601 Ewing Street, Suite C-9609-655-20104254 (P)
MercerPrincetonElaine Wilson, Ph.D.609-921-73952210 (P)
MercerPrincetonMarla Deibler, Psy.D.20 Nassau Street, Ste. 24856-220-96724380 (P)
MercerPrincetonGenevieve Pere, Ph.D.609-924-76673059 (P)
MercerPrincetonJudith Margolin, Psy.D.10 Boxwood Drive609-658-25363493 (P)
MercerPrincetonLaura Kogan, Psy.D.20 Nassau Street, Suite 511609-688-12442823 (SW)
MercerPrincetonMarilyn Lyga, Ph.D.609-924-44842061 (P)
MercerPrincetonPatricia Connors, Ph.D.20 Nassau Street, Suite 509609-977-54124124 (P)
MercerPrincetonSandra Grundfest, Ed.D.601 Ewing Street, Suite C-1609-921-84012855 (P)
MercerPrincetonWendy S. Matthews, Ph.D.20 Nassau Street, Suite 201609-924-96701588 (P)
MercerPrinceton JunctionKaren Cohen, Psy.D.609-799-91392542 (P)
MercerPrinceton JunctionRobin Cooper-Fleming231 Clarksville Rd., Suite 7609-275-56773277 (P)
MercerPrinceton JunctionSheila Josephs, Ph.D.231 Clarksville Rd., Suite 7609-750-12473591 (P)
MercerTrentonEllen Fink, Psy.D.363 Hamilton Avenue609-396-34911788 (P)
MercerTrentonKomal Saraf, Ph.D.1430 Riverside Drive609-586-04443266 (P)
MiddlesexAvenelMark Frank, Ph.D.c/o ADTC, 8 Production Way908-389-13722595 (P)
MiddlesexEast BrunswickAllen Weg, Ed.D.A-2 Brier Hill Court732-390-66942720 (P)
MiddlesexEast BrunswickAnnaMarie Resnikoff, Ph.D.G-9 Brier Hill Court732-254-22223182 (P)
MiddlesexEast BrunswickCindy Haines, Psy.D.A-2 Brier Hill Court732-390-66944668 (P)
MiddlesexEast BrunswickElena Kazakina, Ph.D.593 Cranbury Rd.732-238-96004111 (P)
MiddlesexEast BrunswickLeslie Bronstein, Psy.D.7C Auer Court732-613-60103141 (P)
MiddlesexEast BrunswickMaressa Nordstrom, M.S.W.A-2 Brier Hill Court732-390-66945460 (SW)
MiddlesexEast BrunswickRachel Strohl, Psy.D.A-2 Brier Hill Court732-390-66944437 (P)
MiddlesexEast BrunswickRobert Zambrano, Psy.D.A-1 Brier Hill Court732-390-66944587 (P)
MiddlesexEdisonBarbara Jortner, Psy.D.386 Plainfield Road848-200-73282972 (P)
MiddlesexHighland ParkDavid Siegman, Psy.D.47 Raritan Ave., 2nd floor732-545-87661982 (P)
MiddlesexHighland ParkRichard Bundy, Th.M.24 N. Third Ave., Suite 108732-828-7447372 (MF)
MiddlesexIselinBeverly Baskin, Ed.S.33 Wood Ave. South, Fourth Floor800-300-4079 x100105 (LPC)
MiddlesexMetuchenBrian Ford, M.S.W.35 Amboy Avenue732-321-168600774 (SW)
MiddlesexMetuchenMiriam Silverman, M.S.W.First Step Cnslg. - 15 Calvin Pl.732-549-040153644 (SW)
MiddlesexMetuchenAnnette Silvestri, M.S.W.35 Amboy Avenue973-462-28402941 (SW)
MiddlesexMetuchenWilliam F. Walsh, Ph.D.140 Main Street732-549-23841366 (P)
MiddlesexNew BrunswickMary E. Kelly, Ph.D.Rutgers CAPS - 17 Senior St.732-207-06614918 (P)
MiddlesexNorth BrunswickMaria D. Wiener, M.S.W.525 Milltown Road732-246-179848720 (SW)
MiddlesexPiscatawayDoreen M. Di Domenico, Ph.D.Rutgers ADC, 797 Hoes Ln. W.732-445-53843646 (P)
MonmouthBrielleArmine Papazian, Ph.D.732-223-88221974 (P)
MonmouthFair HavenRobert LoPresti, Ph.D.569 River Road732-842-45531957 (P)
MonmouthFreeholdEleanor Siegel, Ph.D.495 Iron Bridge Road732-294-96941073 (P)
MonmouthFreeholdMichael L. Nover, Ph.D.75 West Main Street732-431-30002751 (P)
MonmouthFreeholdRonald C. Collier, M.S.W.18 Throckmorton Street908-839-018935630 (SW)
MonmouthFreeholdStanley Mandel, Ed.D.63 West Main St., Ste. M732-303-81713149 (P)
MonmouthFreeholdStanley Zebrowski, Ph.D.4400 Rte. 9 South, Suite 1000732-409-02102283 (P)
MonmouthLincroftMary Ellen Stanisci, Ph.D.654 Newman Springs Road732-671-01962401 (P)
MonmouthLittle SilverAllison Block, Ph.D.116 Oceanport Avenue732-933-13333175 (P)
MonmouthLittle SilverAnita Smith, M.S.W.34 Sycamore Ave., Ste. 2E732-576-892554471 (SW)
MonmouthLittle SilverJanet Cervalli, Ph.D.34 Sycamore Ave., Ste. 2E732-576-89255598 (P)
MonmouthLittle SilverPeter Litwin, M.D.14 Church Street732-450-806065069 (PSY)
MonmouthLittle SilverSusan Grant, M.D.44 Sycamore Avenue, Ste. 3D732-567-15190660 (ME)
MonmouthLittle SilverThomas Massarelli, Ph.D.34 Sycamore Ave., Ste. 2E732-576-8925153-048 (P)
MonmouthLittle SilverWayne Goldman, Ph.D.44 Sycamore Avenue, Building 3732-530-68881328 (P)
MonmouthManalapanDeirdre Waters, Psy.D.732-581-46574445 (P)
MonmouthManasquanAngela Del Russo, M.A.732-292-03883075 (LPC)
MonmouthManasquanDolores Reilly, Psy.D.200 Atlantic Ave., Suite K732-292-03883850 (P)
MonmouthManasquanRaymond Hanbury, Ph.D.2640 Highway 70, Bldg. 7A, #202732-223-12422657 (P)
MonmouthMarlboroBeverly Baskin, Ed.S.6 Alberta Drive800-300-4079105 (LPC)
MonmouthMorganvilleHarold Zullow, Ph.D.732-972-47693184 (P)
MonmouthN. Asbury ParkHarold Zullow, Ph.D.732-774-73003184 (P)
MonmouthRed BankDonna Phair, Ph.D.41 Reckless Place732-865-32725126 (P)
MonmouthRed BankAdriane Gullotta-Gsell, Ph.D.130 Maple Avenue, Suite 5B732-741-30772741 (P)
MonmouthRed BankErin Mendoza, Psy.D.732-779-17255097 (P)
MonmouthRed BankKaren Faherty, Ph.D.130 Maple Avenue, Suite 5B732-747-92214362 (P)
MonmouthRed BankTish Sandrock, Psy.D.64A White Street732-778-56524108 (P)
MonmouthSea GirtMariadonna Litwak, M.S.W.Beach Cnslg, Hwy 35, Bldg A114908-309-252952695 (SW)
MonmouthShrewsburyRichard Bundy, Th.M.109 Ave. at the Commons, Ste. 106732-828-7447372 (MF)
MonmouthSpring Lake HeightsRonald C. Collier, M.S.W.610 Shore Road732-919-016335630 (SW)
Montgomery (PA)Bala CynwydDavid Raush, Ph.D.112 Bala Avenue856-482-58603676 (P)
MorrisButlerDiana DeVito, Ph.D.1250 Route 23 North973-492-87001791 (P)
MorrisChathamBeth Berns, M.S.W.150 Main Street973-738-929953817 (SW)
MorrisChathamCindy Browning, M.S.W.19 Washington Avenue973-635-88755940(SW)
MorrisChathamJulia Turovsky, Ph.D.10 Parrott Mill Road973-635-24444002 (P)
MorrisChathamKaren Landsman, Ph.D.268 Green Village Road973-895-24424067 (P)
MorrisChathamKaren Roschelle Mengden, Ph.D.291 Main Street201-851-26863881 (P)
MorrisChesterCassandra Faraci, Psy.D.908-914-26245214 (PSY)
MorrisChesterMeredith Lynar, M.S.W.1 Mill Ridge Lane, Ste. 104973-886-4914 (SW)
MorrisChesterNancy Sachar Sidhu, Ph.D.31 Fairmount Ave., Suite 108908-879-22334006 (P)
MorrisDenvilleNina Rifkind, M.S.W.76 Broadway, Ste. 200973-216-440545018 (SW)
MorrisFlandersJason Heymer, M.A.4 Gold Mine Road908-285-59684157 (LPC)
MorrisFlorham ParkAmanda Carlin, Ph.D.256 Columbia Tpke., North Tower, Ste. 209201-487-12405038 (P)
MorrisFlorham ParkErica Lander Miller, Psy.D.205 Ridgedale Ave. Ste. 101973-660-07004802 (P)
MorrisFlorham ParkLinda Sotnick, M.S.W.973-379-417645743 (SW)
MorrisFlorham ParkMarcia Lite-Braus, M.A.908-239-307336860 (LPC)
MorrisFlorham ParkMichael C. Zarabi, Psy.D.123 Columbia Turnpike, Suite 202b973-525-44514455 (P)
MorrisFlorham ParkSusan Simon-Fleischer, M.S.W.Medical Arts. Bldg. - 205 Ridgedale Avenue973-535-362613379 (SW)
MorrisGilletteDana Chavkin, Psy.D.810 Long Hill Road908-580-02022473 (P)
MorrisMadisonCecilia Dilzell, M.S.W.8 Shunpike Road973-966-01152938 (SW)
MorrisMadisonDorothy O'Keefe-Diana, M.S.W.37 Kings Road201-788-318954865 (SW)
MorrisMadisonJanis M. Falvey, M.S.14 Main Street, Suite 203973-236-9444590 (LPC)
MorrisMadisonLisa R. Greenberg, Ph.D.2 Wilson Lane973-765-03131986 (P)
MorrisMillingtonDavid E. Rosenthal, Ph.D.59 E. Rayburn Rd.908-647-6611235300 (P)
MorrisMillingtonTammy M. Rosenthal, L.C.S.W.59 E. Rayburn Rd.908-647-661127500 (SW)
MorrisMorristownAlexandra Morris55 Madison Ave., Ste 400, Off. 84973-671-89335346 (P)
MorrisMorristownAndy Lapides, M.S.W.The Morris Guild of Psychotherapy, LLC   1 Madison Ave., 3rd floor973-539-500953777(SW)
MorrisMorristownCarolee Kallmann, M.A.43 Maple Avenue973-214-62733580 (LPC)
MorrisMorristownChristopher Barker, Ph.D.26 Madison Avenue973-796-37604412 (P)
MorrisMorristownDeborah D. Fisch20 Community Place, Ste. 400973-539-10083138 (P)
MorrisMorristownDorothy O'Keefe-Diana, M.S.W.66 Maple Avenue201-788-318954865 (SW)
MorrisMorristownGrace C. Zambelli, Ph.D.8 Columbia Street973-984-16003647 (P)
MorrisMorristownKelly Zbojovsky, Ph.D.55 Madison Ave., Ste 100973-671-89325263 (P)
MorrisMorristownLucas Rockwood, Psy.D.4 Maple Avenue201-572-30174510 (P)
MorrisMorristownMichael D. Zito, Ph.D.51 South Street, Suite 1973-539-56003599 (P)
MorrisMorristownNancy Nelson, Ph.D.13 James Street973-538-58553033 (P)
MorrisMorristownNanette Sudler, Ph.D.145 Washington Street973-898-05054209 (P)
MorrisMorristownNicole J. Rafanello, Ph.D.66 Maple Avenue, 2nd floor973-829-70994972 (P)
MorrisMorristownRhonda Allen, Ph.D.914 Mt. Kemble Ave., Ste. 305973-425-89113042 (P)
MorrisMorristownSheila E. Dancz, Ph.D.43 Maple Avenue973-993-90183502 (P)
MorrisMorristownStuart M. Cohen, M.S.W.10 Pine St., Suite 103973-285-552701764 (SW)
MorrisMorristownTamsen Thorpe, Ph.D.20 Community Place - 4th floor973-425-88683826 (P)
MorrisMorristownTommy Kot, Ph.D.1 Cattano Avenue973-538-20294160 (P)
MorrisMountain LakesRandolph Shipon, Ph.D.Inner Wellth LLC, 420 Blvd., Ste. 101973-321-43804738 (P)
MorrisParsippanyCarly Orenstein, Psy.D.50 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 305973-257-9000 x2114441 (P)
MorrisParsippanyDaniel Watter, Ed.D.50 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 305973-257-90002615 (P)
MorrisParsippanyFrancine Rosenberg, Psy.D.50 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 305973-257-9000 x2073694 (P)
MorrisParsippanyJeffrey Singer, Ph.D.50 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 305973-257-9000 x2093444 (P)
MorrisParsippanyRichard Dauber, Ph.D.50 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 305973-257-9000 x131688 (P)
MorrisParsippanyJoanne Van Nest, Ph.D.50 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 305973-257-9000 x2043183 (P)
MorrisRandolphEdward Stroh, Ph.D.973-366-02120100 (LPC)
MorrisRandolphJakob Steinberg, Ph.D.10 W. Hanover Ave., #110973-895-47992604 (P)
MorrisRandolphKenneth W. Gates, Psy.D.1247 Sussex Turnpike973-540-95862092 (P)
MorrisRandolphPaul Yampolsky, Psy.D.1247 Sussex Tpk., Ste. 100973-895-13132194 (P)
MorrisRandolphRandy A. Bressler, Psy.D.477 Route 10E, Suite 206973-346-41384401 (P)
MorrisRandolphRich Rapkin, Psy.D.477 Route 10 East, Suite 204732-563-42772993 (P)
MorrisSuccasunnaRichard J. Brewster, Psy.D.225 Route 10 East, Suite 201973-584-57711331 (P)
New York (NY)New YorkBruce Hubbard, Ph.D.164 West 80th Street212-787-5564011108 (P)
New York (NY)New YorkCarrie Spindel, Psy.D.577 First Avenue212-263-47814746 (P)
New York (NY)New YorkGerald Levine, Ph.D.286 Fifth Avenue #7D212-714-81605206-1 (P)
New York (NY)New YorkJacqueline Mesnik, Ph.D.817 Broadway 10th Floor917-710-07524874 (P)
New York (NY)New YorkLeora R. Heckelman, Ph.D.330 West 58th, #607212-586-52684601 (P)
New York (NY)New YorkMartha A. Sparks1000 10th Avenue212-523-6500019273 (P)
New York (NY)New YorkMichael Friedman, Ph.D.161 West 54th St, Suite 202B201-220-533609860 (SW)
New York (NY)New YorkStacy Fazio, L.C.S.W.280 Madison Ave., Ste 305973-637-021355898 (SW)
OceanBrickMichelle Hunt, Psy.D.1683 Rt 88 W.732-840-52664641 (P)
OceanBrickRobert LoPresti, Ph.D.1683 Highway 88 West732-920-61611957 (P)
OceanManahawkinMichelle Hunt, Psy.D.1301 Rt. 72 W St. 250732-840-52664641 (P)
OceanPoint PleasantLinda Turi, Ph.D.1111 Arnold Avenue732-892-20093736 (P)
OceanToms RiverAngela Del Russo, M.A.908-278-90733075 (LPC)
PassaicPompton LakesEmil Vernarec, M.A.862-220-505143170 (LPC)
PassaicHawthorneShelley C. Steinberg, M.S.W.973-427-786736900 (SW)
PassaicLittle FallsRichard Kessler, Ph.D.59 Jacobus Ave.973-890-10394079 (P)
PassaicNewfoundlandKenneth Langlieb, Ph.D.59 Rabbit Run Drive973-208-00853073 (P)
PassaicWayneJames Korman, Psy.D.1474 Rt. 23 N, Suite 6973-694-20223302 (P)
PassaicWayneMarcia Laky, Ph.D.1330 Hamburg Turnpike973-633-15542767 (P)
PassaicWayneMichele Cascardi, Ph.D.973-650-10545211 (P)
PassaicWayneStephen Laky, M.Ed.1330 Hamburg Turnpike973-633-155444700 (LPC)
PassaicWaynePaul Robinson, Ph.D.179 Warbler Dr.973-809-74213439 (P)
SomersetBasking RidgeLeslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.47 Harrison Brook Dr.908-604-63633363 (P)
SomersetBasking RidgeMarilyn Lyga, Ph.D.908-766-68362061 (P)
SomersetBernardsvilleDarcie Long, M.S.S.W.150 Morristown Rd., Suite 203908-598-240013329 (SW)
SomersetBernardsvilleKaren Melici, M.S.W.150 Morristown Rd., Suite 203908-598-2400 x446075 (SW)
SomersetBernardsvilleRoderick Bennett, Ph.D.61 Claremont Rd.908-766-12211702 (P)
SomersetBranchburgBebe Brezanin-Brusky, M.S.W.953 Rt. 202 North908-208-211946809 (SW)
SomersetSkillmanDonna Astor-Lazarus, M.S.W.98 Tamarack Circle609-683-912210223 (SW)
SomersetSkillmanLaura Kogan, Psy.D.98 Tamarack Circle609-688-12442823 (P)
SomersetSkillmanMargaret S. Clarke, M.A.39 Tamarack Circle609-683-00321532 (PC)
SomersetSomersetDana Chavkin, Psy.D.2 World's Fair Drive, Suite 111908-755-17552473 (P)
SomersetSomersetDeborah Riviere, Ed.D.107 Cedar Grove Lane, Ste. 104732-764-97752853 (P)
SomersetSomersetJanie Feldman, Psy.D.55 Mountain Blvd., Suite 206908-222-10993481 (P)
SomersetSomersetLori B. Goldblatt, Psy.D.1075 Easton Ave., Tower 2, Ste. 1732-846-31133710 (P)
SomersetSomersetPaula Selkow, Ph.D.1824 Amwell Road732-873-39891564 (P)
SomersetSomersetRich Rapking, Psy.D.2 World's Fair Drive, Suite 206732-563-42772993 (P)
SomersetSomersetSandra Grundfest, Ed.D.35 Clyde Road, Suite 101732-873-12122855 (P)
SomersetSomervilleLeslie Tsukroff, M.S.W.134 West End Avenue, 2nd floor973-879-167847814(SW)
SomersetWarrenCarol McCrea, Ph.D.27 Mountain Boulevard, Suite 10908-704-07703722 (P)
SomersetWarrenDonna English, Ph.D.27 Mountain Boulevard, Suite 10732-356-56652763 (P)
SomersetWarrenMichael D. Zito, Ph.D.5 Mountain Blvd., Suite 4908-757-1399 ext. 133599 (P)
SomersetWatchungMarilyn Oldman, Ed.D.10 Shawnee Drive908-753-97972799 (P)
SussexNewtonBrigitte Heffernan, M.S.W.93 Main Street908-459-408448385 (SW)
SussexSpartaEmily Brislin, Psy.D.350 Sparta Ave., C-8973-975-36414699 (P)
UnionBerkeley HeightsDiane Hrobsky, Ph.D.28 Spring Ridge Dr.908-464-46793218 (P)
UnionBerkeley HeightsElizabeth Nikol, M.S.W.Summit Med Grp - 654 Springfield Ave.908-508-890953399 (SW)
UnionBerkeley HeightsJacqueline Wyka, Psy.D.Summit Med Grp - 654 Springfield Ave.908-277-89005421 (P)
UnionBerkeley HeightsJames Korman, Psy.D.Summit Med Grp - 654 Springfield Ave.908-508-89093302 (P)
UnionBerkeley HeightsKim Francis, Ed.D.130 Kent Drive908-665-89753017 (P)
UnionBerkeley HeightsLaura Mullette, M.S.W.Summit Med Grp - 654 Springfield Ave.908-277-890053654 (SW)
UnionBerkeley HeightsMargaret S. Clarke, M.A.Summit Med Grp - 654 Springfield Ave.908-277-89001532 (PC)
UnionBerkeley HeightsMichael Likier, Ph.D.Summit Med Grp - 654 Springfield Ave.908-508-89094658 (P)
UnionBerkeley HeightsNicole Swain, M.A.Summit Med Grp - 654 Springfield Ave.908-277-89001430 (LPC)
UnionClarkMichele B. Rubin, Ed.D.908-526-82821506 (P)
UnionCranfordFred Rotgers,Psy.D.1150 Raritan Rd. Suite 101732-762-65571969 (P)
UnionCranfordLynn Mollick, Ph.D.1150 Raritan Road, Suite 101908-276-38881832 (P)
UnionCranfordMilton Spett, Ph.D.1150 Raritan Road, Suite 101908-276-38881830 (P)
UnionCranfordPamela Foley, Ph.D.1150 Raritan Road, Suite 101908-276-38883992 (P)
UnionCranfordVirginia Waters, Ph.D.347 Lincoln Avenue East908-276-22261265 (P)
UnionLindenElaine Lukenda, Psy.D.850 North Wood Ave.732-857-62514292 (P)
UnionMountainsideJames Owen, Psy.D.1152 Springfield Ave.908-233-22421895 (P)
UnionPlainfieldMegan Willis, Ph.D.909 Madison Avenue908-757-01024508 (P)
UnionScotch PlainsJames Walker, Jr., Ed.D.314 Sycamore Ave.908-322-62714463 (P)
UnionScotch PlainsKaren Budnick, M.S.W.2284 South Ave., Ste. 2L908-232-565286400 (SW)
UnionSpringfieldCharity Wilkinson-Truong, Psy.D.110 Hillside Ave.732-390-66945329 (P)
UnionSpringfieldKathleen Newdeck, M.S.W.28 Millburn Avenue, Suite 5973-218-17763974 (SW)
UnionSpringfieldPeter Economou, Ph.D.11 Dundar Road, Suite 212201-292-4070408200 (LPC)
UnionSpringfieldWendy Behary, M.S.W.28 Millburn Ave., Ste. 7-A973-218-1776 x8074352 (SW)
UnionSummitArline Shaffer, Ph.D.57 Union Place, Suite 207973-508-53734492 (P)
UnionSummitBarbara Rosenberg, Ph.D.25 Franklin Place908-277-42062234 (P)
UnionSummitBeth Pincus, M.S.W.48 Maple Street908-522-186145252 (SW)
UnionSummitDarcie Long Alexis, M.S.S.W.35 Beechwood Rd., Suite 3A/B908-598-240013329 (SW)
UnionSummitDana Oliver, L.C.S.W.360 Springfield Ave., Ste. 301908-334-329156427 (SW)
UnionSummitGlenda Insabella, Ph.D.482 Springfield Ave. 2nd Fl.908-273-5558 x1174524 (P)
UnionSummitIlyse Dobrow DiMarco14 Maple Street, St. L-22973-309-25934820 (P)
UnionSummitJeffrey S. Kahn, Ph.D.482 Springfield Ave. 2nd Fl.908-273-55582656 (P)
UnionSummitKaren Melici, M.S.W.35 Beechwood Rd., Suite 3A/B908-598-2400 x446075 (SW)
UnionSummitLauren Pardo, M.S.48 Maple Street973-255-672755395 (SW)
UnionSummitPatrice M. Fiore, M.S.W.55 Woodland Avenue908-522-66464796 (SW)
UnionSummitRandy Simon, Ph.D.482 Springfield Ave.908-273-5558 x1265090 (P)
UnionSummitRosemary Erickson, M.S.W.7 Union Place973-218-1776985 (SW)
UnionSummitStacy Fazio, L.C.S.W.467 Springfield Ave., Ste 202973-637-021355898 (SW)
UnionSummitSangeetha Nayak, Ph.D.11 Overlook Rd., Ste B110908-522-61154077 (P)
UnionSummitBarbara Von Klemperer, Ed.D.156 Colonial Rd.908-522-10082086 (P)
UnionSummitSue Schonberg, Ph.D.597 Springfield Avenue908-273-31334478 (P)
UnionUnionRobyn Rajs, M.A.Inner Journey Cnslg., 626 Chestnut St.908-258-00423305 (LPC)
UnionWestfieldFrancine Silver, Ph.D.501 Lenox Ave., Bldg. A., 3rd Fl.718-207-06474304 (P)
UnionWestfieldKathryn Glaberman, Ph.D.220 Lenox Avenue908-789-22003361 (P)
UnionWestfieldLois D. Goorwitz, Ph.D.114 S. Euclid Avenue973-309-68831688 (P)
UnionWestfieldMarsha Lesowitz, Ph.D.220 Lenox Avenue908-654-60202217 (P)
UnionWestfieldSandra L. Morrow, Ph.D.635 Forest Avenue908-654-65122472 (P)

*(P) denotes licensed psychologist, (SW) denotes licensed clinical social worker, (MF) denotes licensed marriage & family therapist, and (LPC) denotes licensed professional counselor.

Continuing Education in Empirically-Supported Psychotherapy