Upcoming Workshops

Our next workshops on “Mindfulness and Acceptance Techniques for Anxiety Disorders” and “Acceptance Techniques vs. Cognitive Techniques for Panic, Social Anxiety, PTSD, and OCD” will be held September 24, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
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Past Workshops

NJ-ACT’s past speakers and topics have included (click on date for summary):

7/23/17: Charity Wilkinson Truong, Psy.D., “CBT for Domestic Violence PTSD”
: James McCullough, Ph.D., “CBASP for Chronically Depressed Patients”
: Robert Leahy, Ph.D., “CBT for Jealous, Envy, Anger and Controlling Behavior”
9/18/16: Lata McGinn, Ph.D., “Comprehensive CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder”
6/12/16: Debra Gill, Ph.D., “Mindfulness-Based CBT for Weight Management and Binge Eating”
4/10/16 (PM)
: David Abramowitz, Ph.D., “New Concepts in Exposure for Anxiety Disorders”
4/10/16 (AM)
: David Abramowitz, Ph.D., “Health Anxiety and Health OCD”
: Wendy Behary, LCSW, “Using Schema Mode Therapy to Treat Difficult Patients”
: Douglas Mennin, Ph.D., “Emotion Regulation Therapy for Refractory Anxiety and Depression”
: Milton Spett, Ph.D., “OCD & OCPD: Similar Symptoms, Different Treatments”
3/29/15: Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D., “CBT for Temper and Anger Control”
12/7/14: Robert Leahy, Ph.D., “Cognitive Therapy for Worry and rumination”
: Carl Lejuez, Ph.D., “New Behavioral Activation Techniques for Severe Depression”
6/22/14: Erica Lander Miller, Psy.D., “Motivational Interviewing for Resistant Anxiety Disorder Patients”
3/16/14: Edna Foa, Ph.D., “Exposure and Prolonged Exposure for Anxiety Disorders”
2/2/14: Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D., “Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Dysregulated Emotions and Behaviors”
9/22/13: Barry McCarthy, Ph.D., “How to Treat Low Sexual Desire”
5/19/13: Katharine Loeb, Ph.D., “Structural Family Therapy for Eating Disorders”
3/17/13: Susan Orsillo, Ph.D. & Lizabeth Roemer, Ph.D., “Mindfulness- and Acceptance-Based Therapies for Anxiety DIsorders”
1/13/13: Frederick Rotgers, Psy.D., “Harm Reduction Therapy for Substance Abuse”
9/30/12: Dennis Tirch, Ph.D., “Compassion-Focused Therapy”
7/22/12: Esther Deblinger, Ph.D., “Trauma-Focused CBT”
4/29/12: David Miklowitz, Ph.D., “Family-Focused Therapy of Bipolar Disorder”
12/11/11: Mary Solanto, Ph.D., “CBT for Adult ADHD”
9/25/11: Richard Heimberg, Ph.D., “CBT for Social Anxiety”
7/17/11:¬†William Gordon, Ph.D., “Unusual Obsessions and Complicated Compulsions”
4/3/11: David A. Clark, Ph.D., “New Cognitive Therapy Techniques for Anxiety Disorders”
1/23/11: Amy Wenzel, Ph.D., “CBT for Suicidal Cognitions & Behaviors”
10/3/10: Jami Young, Ph.D., “Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression”
7/25/10: Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D., “The Emotional Problems of Parenting”
3/28/10: Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D., “Emotion-Focused Therapy”
1/24/10: Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D., “DBT – Distress Tolerance & Emotion Regulation”
10/11/09: Raymond Tafrate, Ph.D., “Recent Advances in Motivational Interviewing”
7/26/09: Dan Watter, Ed.D., “Low-Sex and No-Sex Relationships”
4/26/09: Andrew Christensen, Ph.D., “Integrated Behavioral Couple Therapy”
1/11/09: Andre Ivanoff, Ph.D., “Difficult Patients and Stuck Treatments”
10/5/08: Howard Kassinove, Ph.D., “Anger and Forgiveness”
7/20/08: Michael Nover, Ph.D., “Internet Additions – Sexual and Non-Sexual”
4/13/08: Zindel Segal, Ph.D., “Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy”
1/27/08: Lesley Allen, Ph.D., “CBT for Somatic Complaints”
9/23/07: James Pawelski, Ph.D., “Positive Psychotherapy”
7/29/07: Wendy Behary, M.S.W., “Schema Therapy for Narcissism”
4/22/07: David Barlow, Ph.D., “Unified Treatment of Emotional Disorders”
1/28/07: G. Terence Wilson, Ph.D., “Body Image, Binge Eating and Overeating”
10/8/06: Jonathan Grayson, Ph.D., “Script Therapy for OCD”
7/30/06: Walter Varan, M.S.W., “Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis”
6/4/06: Michael Friedman, Ph.D., “Expanding the Scope of CBT for Depression”
3/19/06: Tom Borkovec, Ph.D., “Treating Anxiety: New CBT & Emotion-Processing Techniques”
1/8/06: Rochelle Zozula, Ph.D., “Insomnia”
9/25/05: Kelly Wilson, Ph.D., “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy”
6/5/05: Marylene Cloitre, Ph.D., “STAIR Program for PTSD”
4/3/05: Jacqueline Persons, Ph.D., “Treating Difficult Patients”
2/13/05: Sol Herzig, Ph.D. & Sheri Degani, M.A., “Psychodrama-CBT Experiential Workshop”
12/5/04: Fugen Neziroglu, Ph.D., “Treating OCD Spectrum Disorders”
9/19/04: Milton Spett, Ph.D., “A Unified Approach to Treating Anxiety and Depression”
6/27/04: Cory Newman, Ph.D., “Cognitive Therapy for Avoidant Personality Disorder”
3/7/04: Steven D. Hollon, Ph.D., “Increasing the Effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy for Depression”
12/14/03: AnneMarie Albano, Ph.D., “Treating Social Phobia in Young Adults and Adolescents”
9/14/03: Sandra Leiblum, Ph.D., “The Desire for Sexual Desire”
6/1/03: Thomas Morgan, Psy.D., “Identifying and Treating Alcohol and Substance Abuse”
3/8/03: Ray DiGiuseppe, Ph.D., “Anger: Assessment and Treatment”
12/8/02: Elizabeth Wagner, Ph.D., “Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy”
9/29/02: Michael Otto, Ph.D., “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A CBT Approach”
6/9/02: Cory Newman, Ph.D., “Bipolar Disorder: A Cognitive Therapy Approach”
3/17/02: R. Reid Wilson, Ph.D., “CBT Techniques for Anxiety Disorders”
1/6/02: Rob DeRubeis, Ph.D., “Treating Depression Without Medication”
9/16/01: John Norcross, Ph.D., “The Therapeutic Relationship”
6/24/01: Alec L. Miller, Psy.D., “Dialectical Behavior Therapy”
4/1/01: Gail Steketee, Ph.D., “Cognitive Treatment of OCD”
12/10/00: Milton Spett, Ph.D., “Cognitive Couple Therapy”
9/24/00: Arnold Lazarus, Ph.D., “Using Imagery in CBT”
6/11/00: Frederick Rotgers, Ph.D., “Motivational Counseling”
3/5/00: Marvin Goldfried, Ph.D., “Integrating Affective & Relationship Interventions”
1/9/00: Paul Lehrer, PhD., “Treating Disorders with Breathing Relaxation Therapy”
11/19/99: Judith Rich Harris, M.A., “The Two Worlds of Childhood”
3/28/99: Albert Ellis, Ph.D., “Controlling Anger, Hostility and Procrastination”
1/10/99: Allen Weg, Ed.D., “Social Phobia”
9/28/98: Janis A. Spring, Ph.D., “After the Affair: Healing Pain and Rebuilding Trust”
3/28/98: Barbara McCrady, Ph.D., “Family Therapy when Drugs or Alcohol Are Involved”
6/29/97: Raymond Rosen, Ph.D., “Low Sexual Desire”
3/16/97: Edna Foa, Ph.D., “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”
9/96: Steven Gordon, Ph.D., “CBT for the ADHD Child”
3/2/96: Jeffrey Young, Ph.D., “Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy”

Continuing Education in Empirically-Supported Psychotherapy